UF offers a variety of services and units to assist international students with their application and studies. For assistance in the following areas, please follow the website links.

  • Travel
  • Hosting Visitors and Scholars

    International visitors are important in providing opportunities for networking of University of Florida faculty and students with international contacts. UF/IFAS Units, Faculty and IFAS Global host many types of short term and long term visitors. Each Center, Department, County Extension Office and/or Faculty member hosting an international visitor is responsible for the coordination of programs and logistics for their visitors and students, including identifying appropriate housing.

    For specific information on short term and long term visitor visa requirements visit UFIC Exchange Visitor Services for detailed information, or call the UF International Center (UFIC) at 352- 392-5323.

    IFAS Global can provide assistance to the hosting unit in identifying contacts or opportunities with IFAS on campus.


    Finding housing for short-term visitors can often be challenging. You will want to check into the individual arrangements to assure appropriateness for your visitor. Below are some resource Web sites that you may find useful when looking for short term housing. (The list below does not indicate UF endorsement, but is a suggested reference.)

    Short-term Visits

    Long-term Visits

  • Academic Support Services

    International graduate students have different requirements for entering studies at UF. To assist with the process of application, contact the UF Graduate School at: http://www.graduateschool.ufl.edu/admissions/international-applicants/

    UF offers these resources to help international students improve their English skills:

    • English Language Institute: The English Language Institute assists prospective and current graduate students with both short-term and long-term programs for improving their English skills.
    • UF Academic Spoken English: The Academic Spoken English program is a part of UF’s English Language Institute. It assists graduate students in building their ability to speak English in the classroom.
  • Hosting International Students

    The University of Florida assists international students in a variety of ways through their International Student Services Office. If you need assistance with travel, visas or on-campus employment opportunities, contact them at their website: http://www.ufic.ufl.edu/ISS/index.html

  • Agreements with Other Institutions

    Cooperative agreements support the building of alliances and partnerships between UF and foreign institutions. These agreements are the framework for collaborative research with the top scientists in renowned institutions throughout the world. Researchers from both institutions find topics of common interest and work together to solve problems and enhance agricultural production. Students can take advantage of exchange programs and research opportunities at cooperating institutions.

    Each cooperative agreement at UF/IFAS falls under the management of an UF/IFAS faculty member. The program manager is the primary contact who facilitates activities between the institutions and links other faculty to program areas and opportunities. The program manager writes periodic reports to UF/IFAS International Programs on activities undertaken through the agreement and is encouraged to inform IP of activities on a frequent basis for potential news and networking purposes.

    For information on current cooperative agreements with UF/IFAS program managers please refer to the country listing. For specific information on any agreement, contact the program manager directly.


    • If you are considering establishing a cooperative agreement, let our office know by contacting Associate Director Kathy Colverson at kcolverson@ufl.edu. We maintain a network and communicate with IFAS program managers on a regular basis. We also work closely with the University of Florida International Center (UFIC), which facilitates the authorization and documentation of cooperative agreements. Visit its website for more information on how to establish an agreement with a foreign institution.
    • We request a one-page outline of the proposed topics and activities anticipated. Program managers must be sure that the cooperating institution does not sign the agreement before the program manager obtains approval.
    • A letter of approval from IFAS is required. All UF/IFAS cooperative agreements must be approved by Rose Koenig, interim director of UF/IFAS Global, and signed by the head of your unit at IFAS.


    What kind of agreement is required before working with a potential partner institution?  

    A cooperative agreement. This is a broad declaration of intent to promote exchange between the faculty and students of the two institutions, including the exchange of academic and research information. The University of Florida International Center (UFIC) facilitates these agreements. Learn more

    What if our proposed agreement differs from the standard cooperative agreement, such as requiring funds or specific deliverables from either institution?  

    Occasionally, agreements are created that do not fit UFIC's preapproved documents. This can happen when UF and the partner institution plan specific collaborative efforts that are not covered in the standard agreements mentioned above. Learn more about types of agreements. For more information, contact Susanne Hill at 352-273-1500 or shill@ufic.ufl.edu.