UF/IFAS Global provides opportunities for faculty and students to pursue agricultural research with international partners on mutually relevant topics. The BHEARD project funds both Master’s and Ph.D. level international students to pursue studies and research related to agriculture, and pair them with an appropriate UF faculty member for guidance. There are also certain projects (AREA and INGENAES) that provide funds for IFAS graduate students from UF to pursue graduate research depending on the needs of the project. Weblinks to these projects can be found on this site.

  • Active Projects


    BHEARD (Borlaug Higher Education for Agricultural Research and Development) : a USAID-funded effort to both increase the number of agricultural scientists, and strengthen scientific institutions in the developing countries of Bangladesh, Malawi and Ghana. In 2013 UF/IFAS Global was selected as a partnering institution by Michigan State University. The five Ph.D. candidates are pursuing degrees in the departments of Horticultural Sciences, Plant Pathology, Food Science and Human Nutrition and Entomology and Nematology, and will be accompanied by their major professor during year three to conduct field research in their respective countries. | BHEARD


    INGENAES (Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services) : INGENAES will assist USAID missions in Feed The Future countries to strengthen gender and nutrition integration within agricultural extension and advisory services (EAS). The program will take the following approach:

    • Build more robust, gender-responsive, and nutrition-sensitive institutions, projects and programs capable of assessing and res­ponding to the needs of both men and women farmers through EAS.
    • Identify, test efficacy, and scale proven mechanisms for delivering improved EAS to women farmers.
    • Disseminate gender-appropriate and nutrition-enhancing technologies and access to inputs to improve women’s agricultural productivity and enhance household nutrition.
    • Apply effective, nutrition-sensitive, extension approaches and tools for engaging both men and women. Women’s contributions to agriculture are frequently constrained by lack of land ownership, lack of access to agricultural inputs, less labor availability and responsibilities related to child care and domestic work. INGENAES will explore ways to expand gender equity through training and creating successful innovations that better address integrating gender issues into Extension services. The University of Florida has a significant sub-award for activities in multiple target countries. | INGENAES


    AREA (Appui à la Recherche et au Développement Agricole) also known as SARD (Support to Agricultural Research and Development in Haiti): UF/IFAS is the lead institution on a new five-year (2015-2020) project designed to strengthen human and institutional capacity in Haiti to help farmers and agribusiness gain access to better information, technologies, and services. Twenty students will complete their MS degree program as part of this project. The students will be required to conduct a portion of their research in Haiti. One Haitian research professional will be a special member of each graduate student’s committee. The students will work on research priorities identified through interviews with farmer organizations in year 1 of the project. | SARD in Haiti

  • Inactive Projects


    iAGRI (Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative): Seeks to address food insecurity in Tanzania by preparing the next generation of agricultural leadership through strengthening and integrating the core agricultural institutions of extension, research and education in Tanzania. Students return to their home country with their UF/IFAS major professor in order to guide field research. A total of ten students completed their MS degree and four students completed their PhD on this project. | iAGRI


    CIP (Collaboration with the International Potato Center): Initiated in June 2012 and scheduled to finish December 2016, this project utilizes USAID Linkage Funds to support an MS Plant Pathology candidate, a Ph.D. Agricultural & Biological Engineering candidate, and three MS Agroecology students. As of Fall 2016, three students are attending UF, with one completing an online MS degree in the Department of Agronomy, and two students pursuing Ph.D.’s in both the Departments of Agronomy and Agricultural & Biological Engineering. | CIP