Initiative for Long-term Training - Malawi


UF/IFAS Global Project Goal - COMPLETED

UF/IFAS Global had the goal of providing training and education in the U.S. to Malawi students. Upon returning home the students worked with communities and small-holder farmers to implement greater agricultural capacity (growth) that provides food security, and increased agricultural employment opportunities.

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USAID, in partnership with Michigan State University, designed and implemented an innovative master’s degree training and institutional capacity building program involving U.S. universities. An objective of the UILTCB Program was to provide MS degree training from U.S. universities in program areas that contribute to the USAID’s strategic objectives, related to agriculture-led economic growth, trade, and natural resource management.

From 2008 to 2013, USAID/Malawi supported the training of 16 Malawi professionals (4 women, 12 men) in MS degree programs at UF/IFAS through the Initiative for Long-term Training and Capacity Building (UILTCB).

Student 1st Year of Study Home Department Major Professor
Jessica Dorothea Roberts 2013 Agribusiness John VanSickle, Ph.D.
Ishak Shaibu 2013  Agribusiness John VanSickle, Ph.D.
Felix Makondi 2010  Animal Science John Arthington, Ph.D.
Chapa Suzgo 2010   Animal Science Charlie Staples, Ph.D.
Hamie Chakana 2010   Animal Science Adegbola Adesogan, Ph.D.
Njombwa Chunala Alexico 2010   Animal Science Cliff Lamb, Ph.D.
Donald Tatha Kazanga 2010   Animal Science Geoff Dahl, Ph.D.
Mpeketula Matrina 2010   Animal Science Sally Williams, Ph.D.
Kumwenda Wycliffe 2009  Agribusiness John VanSickle, Ph.D.
Aubrey Chinseu 2009 Agribusiness Allen F. Wysocki, Ph.D.
Pearson Jasi-Soko 2008 Food and Resource Economic Allen F. Wysocki, Ph.D.
Lucy Nyirenda 2008 Food and Resource Economic James Sterns, Ph.D.
Esther Nkana Fiskani 2008  Food and Resource Economic Zhifeng Gao, Ph.D.
Innocent Thindwa 2008 Food and Resource Economic Richard N. Weldon, Ph.D.
Bonet Kamwana 2008 Food and Resource Economic Evan Drummond, Ph.D.
Jonathan Chiputula 2008 Food and Resource Economic Ray A. Bucklin, Ph.D.

DONOR AMOUNT: $717,926

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Students were educated and then returned to Malawi for field research, during which time the UF/IFAS faculty advisor traveled to Malawi to provide guidance in the research. The 16 students were sent to UF/IFAS in three separate cohorts: six students in 2008, two students in 2009, six students in 2010, and two students in 2013. This program was brought to a successful conclusion when the last students completed their thesis and graduated with an MS degree May 2015.


UILTCB is funded by USAID and Malawi. For more on USAID, visit https://www.usaid.gov/