Support to Agricultural Research and Development

The SARD project will strengthen higher education and help identify and implement innovative research and Extension models as critical components of a national agricultural innovation system.

UF/IFAS Global Project Goal

Dates: 2015-2020

UF/IFAS is the lead institution for a new five-year project designed to strengthen the human and institutional capacity in Haiti to help farmers and agribusiness gain access to better information, technologies, and services.

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UF/IFAS Global has partnered with the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, and Louisiana State University to help develop and strengthen an agricultural innovation system in order to increase production, household income and food security. The team of researchers, including Extension educators, economists and evaluators, will look for ways to engage farming communities in adopting improved technologies. They will use an innovative approach of mapping social and institutional networks, comparing different Extension outreach methods already in use and creating a classification of farmer organization types that will make technology adoption more effective. The project will take a tailored approach in order to match farmers with appropriate and sustainable technologies. This inclusive process will promote gender equity and support first adopters as well as resource poor farmers.

UF/IFAS’ Role: UF/IFAS is the primary implementing partner in the AREA project. We will be involved in student and professional training, technical assistance and identifying innovative research and Extension models to support as part of a national agricultural innovation system. UF/IFAS has a long history of work in Haiti with more than 50 years of research and outreach work with the community.

DONOR AMOUNT: $13.7 Million

Facts and Figures

The AREA projects to have the following outcomes and activities:


Increasing the availability of improved production technologies and systems by identifying and documenting production challenges faced by men and women in the target area and addressing these challenges through existing or potential technologies.


Strengthening the extension of agricultural technologies and nutrition information by assisting the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Centers for Agricultural Extension and Development to develop effective extension models to increase the adoption of new technologies in the target region.

Strengthening the capacity of State University of Haiti (FAMV) to address the needs of farmers and agribusinesses through modernization of the curriculum.


Supporting the work of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Centers for Agricultural Extension and Development to fulfill their roles in agricultural research and extension through capacity building.




AREA is funded by USAID and Haiti and implemented by the Louisiana State University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Partners of the Americas, and NGO that is implementing the USAID-Nutrition Security Project in Haiti. For more on USAID, visit https://www.usaid.gov/.