The International Potato Center


UF/IFAS Global Project Goal

In partnership with the International Potato Center (CIP), IFAS Global identified graduate students who worked on research projects that aimed to increase the food security in underserved, developing countries identified by CIP. The MS and Ph.D. students gained knowledge and skills necessary to increase agricultural productivity of root and tuber crops.

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The International Potato Center’s mission is to “work with partners to achieve food security, well-being, and gender equity for poor people in root and tuber farming and food systems in the developing world…through research and innovation in science, technology, and capacity strengthening”. CIP Funds provided to UF/IFAS Global were used to partially or fully support the following students:

Student 1st Year of Study Home Department Major Professor Status
Jose Rolando  2014  Agronomy Jose Debeux, Ph.D.  Field work with CIP for online MS from UF 
Kelly Racette  2014  Agronomy Barry Tillman, Ph.D.  Presently at UF in Ph.D. program 
Rubi Raymundo  2013  Agricultural & Biological Engineering Senthold Asseng, Ph.D.  MS degree awarded August 2014 
Shankar Shakya  2012  Plant Pathology Arienna Van Bruggen, Ph.D.   Presently at UF in Ph.D. program 

DONOR AMOUNT: $130,000

Facts and Figures

The CIP program is part of a larger collaboration with CIP that also includes collaborative research through the online MS in Agroecology program. Funds are presently being used to support one MS Agroecology student who did their field research with CIP in Ecuador and Peru.


CIP is funded by USAID and used to strengthen scientific collaboration between CGIAR centers and US universities. For more on USAID, visit https://www.usaid.gov/.