Appui à la Recherche et au Développement Agricole (AREA)

Support to Agricultural Research and Development

Appui à la Recherche et au Développement Agricole (AREA)

Support to Agricultural Research and Development

Soil and Water Management

AREA provides science-based recommendations to help Haitian farmers sustainably manage soil and water resources. help increase agricultural productivity and food security.

Soil Fertility Management Program 

We have developed comprehensive soil maps throughout the Feed the Future West Corridor to provide information about soil attributes that are crucial to developing strageties that farmers can use to better manage their farms. AREA is strengthening the capacity of agricultural professionals to map soils using digital tools and to interpret data to make soil management recommendations to farmers.

Workshop on soil fertility, July 31-Aug.1

Dr. Wesly Jeune led a workshop on Monday and Tuesday last week on how to improve the fertility of Haiti’s soils. Twenty-eight Haitian agronomists, advisers, students and other agricultural experts attended both days of the training, which was held at a research and training center in Bas Boën.

Jeune, the leader of AREA's soil fertility program, led the participants through a training on the approaches to characterize the fertility and productivity of soils. Improving Haitian soils, many of which have been degraded by erosion, is a crucial element in improving the country's agricultural sector. The workshop will help the participants to make recommendations to farmers on fertilizers to improve crop yields and promote practices to improve soil fertility and farm productivity. 

Workshop on managing Haiti's soils, March 15-16, 2018

Nearly 30 farmers, agronomists and students from Haitian colleges of agriculture packed into a training room March 15-16, 2018 to learn about a subject that is crucial to improving Haiti's agricultural sector: managing the fertility of its soil.

Leading the training was soil scientist Wesly Jeune, Ph.D., who directs AREA's soil fertility management program, led the training, assisted by field agronomist Maxim Desruisseaux. Jeune has created comprehensive soil maps of farming regions as part of AREA's work to help Haiti's farmers implement sustainable soil and water management strategies.

Among those attending the two-day training, which was held at the Rural Center for Sustainable Development (CRDD) of Bas-Boën, were students from the Episcopal University of Haiti (UNEPH) and Quisqueya University (UniQ), where Jeune is a faculty member.