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The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) takes pride in supporting international education, research and Extension/outreach programs, through the UF/IFAS Global offices. UF/IFAS Global priorities are learning, discovering, and engaging.


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Rose Koenig, Ph.D.

Interim UF/IFAS Global Director

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Kathy Colverson, Ph.D.

UF/IFAS Global Associate Director
Program Development
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Ken Van Doren, MBA

UF/IFAS Global Coordinator

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Nicole Monval 

Nicole Monval

Haiti Project Assistant   (352) 294-1063 
UF/IFAS International Programs Advisory Team (IPAT)

The IPAT’s purpose is to:

  • Act as a bridge between statewide IFAS faculty and the IP office
  • Provide advice to the Director of IFAS IP on issues that the Director and/or faculty bring to the Team
  • Provide feedback to the Director on opportunities or problems
  • Assist in implementing new policies and programs that the Director deems advantageous.
  • Assist in the selection of awards made by the IP office.


IPAT will provide policy advice and assistance to the Director of International Programs on matters pertaining to:

  1. Establishing and reaching internationalization goals,
  2. Developing and enhancing an integrated approach to the international dimension and collaboration in the areas of Teaching, Research and Extension, and
  3. Assuming a leadership role in university-wide international strategy.

This team draws from and builds on work of previous IPAT committees, including recommendations, identified needs, interests, current programs and potential opportunities.

Membership Selection:

The IPAT committee will consist of 19 members appointed by the Senior Vice President of IFAS. One person will represent each department in CALS (16 departments) and one person will represent the county extension faculty. The remaining two members will be an undergraduate student and a graduate student.

Each of the 16 department members will be nominated by the department chair in consultation with Center Directors that house department faculty and in consultation with the IP Director who will assure adequate representation for extension, research, teaching and the RECs.

IPAT members serve 4-year appointments. Student representatives are appointed for one year and are appointed by the CALS Dean.

Cooperative Agreements

Cooperative agreements support the building of alliances and partnerships between UF and foreign institutions. These cooperative agreements are the framework for collaborative research with the top scientists in renowned institutions throughout the world. Researchers from both institutions find topics of common interest and work together to solve problems and enhance agricultural production. Students can take advantage of exchange programs and research opportunities at cooperating institutions.

Each cooperative agreement in UF/IFAS must be under the program management of an UF/IFAS faculty member. The program manager is the primary contact with the collaborating institution that facilitates activities between the institutions and links other faculty to program areas and opportunities. The program manager writes periodic reports to UF/IFAS International Programs on activities undertaken through the agreement and is encouraged to inform IP of activities on a frequent basis for potential news and networking purposes.

For information on current cooperative agreements with UF/IFAS program managers please refer to the country listing on our web site. For specific information on any agreement, contact the program manager directly.

If you are considering establishing a cooperative agreement, please let our office know. We maintain a network and communicate with IFAS Program Managers on a regular basis. The University of Florida International Center (UFIC) facilitates the authorization, and documentation of cooperative agreements. Please visit their Web site for detailed information on how to establish an agreement with a foreign institution.

  • As part of this process, a letter of approval from IFAS is required. You will need to get that signed by your Unit Head as well as our office. All UF/IFAS cooperative agreements must be approved by Rose Koenig, Interim Director of UF/IFAS Global.

  • We ask that you send a one page outline of the proposed topics and activities anticipated for the agreement along with the signed letter of approval to our office. We work very closely with International Center. The program managers must be sure that the cooperating institution does not sign the cooperative agreement before the program manager obtains approval.